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The Jana pays homage to a baby girl that succumbed to respiratory complications relating to a rare neuromuscular condition at the age of 22 months.
In the absence of a formal prognosis ever being made, the best that her parents, Riëtte and Braam, could do was to keep her comfortable and reactively address her symptoms. They imported equipment from Germany to assist with her day to day needs. These included a floor seating aid, an orthopedic buggy and a standing frame. The cost of these items ran into the hundreds of thousands.

No such affordable equivalent exists in South Africa.

They then decided to invest in the research and local manufacture of a floor seating aid for infants, specially designed to provide neck, lower back and pelvic support as well as being able to be used as an activity mat and stimulate further developmental activity such as tummy time and reaching for objects.

Thus the Jana early development seat was born. Leading medical experts and pediatric physiologists were extensively consulted throughout the development and design phases of The Jana.

The initial idea was to provide a seat only for special needs babies. However, it soon became apparent that normal-bodied babies could equally benefit from this research; hence the second product offering.

This is Jana’s legacy – a labour of love and remembrance.